Froot Fly

Froot Fly is a short I produced by Splinebomb. I’m very proud to have been part of this project, working with some incredible artists to create our very own short ‘FrootFly’ Christmas Episode. It took 3 weeks to create… we though it was a crazy idea, and still think it’s crazy… But we made it! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible in such a short time! And a special thanks to Oasim Karmieh who worked every night in the last few days (Including Christmas Eve) to get this done in time.

Merry Christmas!!

Here is the ‘FrootFly Progression Reel – Christmas Episode’ .

FrootFly Progression Reel – Christmas Episode from matt bugeja on Vimeo.

In these shots I did not use Video reference due to the fact that we only had 3 weeks to get the whole film done. I thought this would speed things up but it actually made things a little bit harder for me. I highly recommend to use video reference where possible, this will not only help you study the movements, Timing and posing, but it’s also a huge advantage to see what you are going to animate before you spend hours working on a shot and decide that it doesn’t work!

Stay tuned for more of the Making Of FrootFly!

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