Animation Competition SplineBomb

Animation Competition – Panicked

Animation Competition SplineBomb

SplineBomb is pleased to announce it’s very own Animation Competition:

Express An Emotion: ‘Panicked’

I was chatting to Ken Fountain (also a SplineBomb follower) about this idea the other day. He was really excited about it and decided to co-sponsor the competition. Ken Fountain is one of the feature film industry’s more well known animators and animation instructors. Recently with DreamWorks, Ken worked on such films including Kung Fu Panda 2, Megamind and Shrek Forever After.

Ken Fountain

The competition is open to anyone, whether you’re a student or working in the industry. What we’ll be looking for is great Acting Choices and strong Body Mechanics…. Looking forward to the submissions, enjoy!

Here are the contest guidelines:

Animate a character in a specific emotional state. They could be building to this state or coming down from it, but the main “point” of the shot should be to express the one emotion.

  • The emotion of choice for this first contest is ‘Panicked’.
  • Your shot should be no longer than 6 seconds (144 frames).
  • Your shot should contain only one character of your choice.
  • Shot dimensions to be 640×480 pixels.
  • Deadline: 31st July
  • Submit a QuickTime movie file no larger than 4M to with the subject ‘Panicked Comp
  • Name your file as follows: ‘’
  • No music should be added to the shots
  • Any medium is excepted
  • Fancy lighting and rendering not required. Just great animation “



The Prizes:

store_ABT_300 store_BBF_300 store_LS_300

(Based on the feedback we will determine how often to run the event)

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  1. DavidJNelson

    Love this! I’m excited! Is this a month long thing? I noticed the deadline is the end of the month, but you are posting this a few days before July? Will it typically be 4 weeks? or will it vary?

  2. SplineBomb

    Hi David,

    If the feedback is positive, we will run this every month. I posted the competition a few days before to give you all a head start for the first one, and we were too excited not to announce it! :) (The deadline is end of next month though, 31st July.)

  3. Alfredo Contreras

    hey i may be too late to join in this time, specially since i am going out of town next week, but if you have another one next month i am totally game. can we see the entries somewhere? I just found this site

  4. rocio

    hi, my animation has 14 MB, how can I convert it to 4 MB? sorry for my english, i’m from another country

  5. SplineBomb

    Hey Rocio,

    You have to use QuickTime Pro to re export the movie file. If you don’t have Quicktime Pro, maybe you can try zip it and upload it on Google Drive, box etc… and send me a link to download the movie.

    If none of these work for you, try and send me your file and i will change the size for you.

  6. rovio

    hey, i’ve just made the compression of my animation but i’ve already sent it before the compression…. is there a problem if i sent the compression?

  7. Yuri Perrini

    Hey guys!
    Great idea for this contest. I love the focus on acting performance as opposed the lipsync stuff or the light/model/enviroment/story appeal. I also really love the keep it short thing about this contest. Unluckily i onfly found out about it few days ago, and i had not the chance to partecipate.
    When would the august competition be posted? And where?
    Thanks for the moment, and have a nice sunday!

  8. SplineBomb

    Hi Yuri, Thanks for the nice comment! This weekend has been a bit crazy but we will try and announce the next competition in the next few days… on the blog, FB etc..

  9. SplineBomb

    Hey, really sorry…. we’re running a little late!!! had to move house and now im away for a few days. as soon as im back i will upload all the entries and get more organised for next time!!

  10. Fatih


    Will this be a monthly thing with a new challenge each month and if so do we have one for august?


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